Monday, September 01, 2014

Post Cards, Post Cards!!

When having a lot of free time, creativity and inspiration often knock at my door. After spending some time organizing my photos in order to create more videos, I discovered that some were good enough to be transformed into post cards.

However, the whole post card thing started when I joined a web site called This great site helps you connect with people from all the corners of the world by sending and receiving personalized post cards. The beauty of it has to do with the multicultural interaction and the excitement of using the regular mail.

I loved postcrossing since the minute I joined – thanks to my friend Ale Ruiz -, but the only problem I faced was the fact that it is not easy to find nice post cards from Michoacan. There are some available at a few bookstores and at the Candy Market in downtown Morelia, but the photos are old, and there is a small variety.

So, after my failed post card search, I unlocked the memories about Photoshop handling, selected some nice looking photographs and started designing my own. I was so pleased with the result that I wanted to share my experience with all. Could I maybe start my own business?