Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Two months ago I had the opportunity to visit this amazing country, and I must say that it was a really great (and unique) experience. Everyday there I woke up thinking "what is a mexican girl like me doing here? This is just terrific!".

I saw a lot of interesting things, but what I'll never forget is seeing that India is a colourfull country. You could find colour in every corner, even in people. Take women, for example: almost all of them wear saris (a colourfull shiny dress) or kurtas (long shirts) with dupathas (a long shawls), wich are full of colour as well. They also wear a lot of accessories, like bangles (shiny bracelets), flowers, earings, noserings, etc.

My cousins and me with saris, kurtas and two Indian women

Another exemple can be clearly found in the many temples that are all around the country. No matter where it's found or to which god it's dedicated, each temple is full of colour in its own style.

A temple from the countryside and antother from the city

Even trucks and carts are fully decorated.

To sum up, I really loved this country and its people for their warmth and sense of decoration, and I will continue to talk about this and my other experiences in this incredible country some other time.

India truly shines!!

by Lil21


  1. I remember you said "It's all full of colour... and sepia tones" lol

    I guess is a very different place, the culture, people and even the flavor in.

    But, mainly, I just love you don't got any disease there. XD

  2. Thank you for sharing those wonderful pics.

    I look forward to hear more about India!

  3. I didn´t want to go to India until I saw your pictures. it seems to be such an amazing country!!!


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