Friday, February 12, 2010

Mexican Thali!!

The thali is an Indian meal that includes different dishes in the same plate (as you can see in the picture). The contents can vary depending on the region, but it usually includes rice, vegetables, papal, dhal, chapati, paneer and yoghurt. Thalis are commonly vegetarian (like most of the Indian dishes), but many restaurants offer the meat-based choice as well.
I am not very fond of Indian food, but I most admit that I really liked Thali. Besides, the place where I ate it included a non-stop refill (I thought the waiters wanted my stomach to burst, haha) for a very cheap price, and the service was excellent.
Now, moving towards the other side of the world, I have to tell you that most Mexicans are meat-lovers (not that we don't eat vegetables, or anything like that), so it is hard to find good vegetarian restaurants (at least in my city). However, the other day one of my closests friends recomended me one place that was just in the heart of Morelia, and my mom and I decided to check it out.
I was a little surprised to see that the add in the entrance of the restaurant said "Indian-Vegatarian Food", because I didn't now I would find this food in Morelia. Inside, the walls were decorated with some Indian images, but the menu was closer to be all Mexican. Later, when the food arrived, I could finally see the similarities.
Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I swear it was the first time I saw those kind of plates in a Mexican restaurant (the most modest restaurants in Mexico usually use plastic dishes). Also, there were vegetables, rice, tortilla (which looks like chapati) and some dessert in the same tray. The only bad news were that we had no refill that time.
Here are the pictures of both trays, judge for yourselves:

I just love to find cultural differences and similarities, especially when it is by chance and without leaving my city.


  1. ¡Una versión mexicana del Thali!

    La charola redonda luce más, pero la rectangular es más colorida...
    Una cosa compensa la otra, supongo xD

    Supongo que cuando dices "The only bad news were that we had no refill that time." quiere decir que la comida era buena :)

    La mala noticia para mí, es que tengo hambre y se me antojó u_u


  2. Nice post thank you.

    Do you remember the address of the Restaurant?

    Keep up the good work!

  3. yo quierooooo, es el mismo lugar en donde venden hamburguesas de soya? que tiene un super héroe en el balcón?

  4. Sorry, I don't remember the exact adress. I just know that it is in the Av. Madero.

    Sí Lolis, es ese mero! Pero no recuerdo que el superhéroe siga por ahí, jeje.

    Pues sí estuvo bastante buena la comida (y muy abundante para mi gusto), pero siempre es más atractivo si te ofrecen un poco más de lo que más te gustó de la charola, no? Aunque la verdad es que ya no me hubiera entrado nada más, ja.

  5. vamos un día, eso está como a 4 cuadras de mi depa, tengo entendido :)))



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