Friday, September 16, 2011


I love Mexico because...

1. It's full of big hearted people.
2. It has a very rich (very, very, very rich) culture.
3. The food is amazing and cheap.
4. The beer is amazing and cheap.
5. Tequilaaaa!!
6. It is full of natural resources and the most beautiful landscapes.
7. It has some of the most beautiful cities of the world.
8. It has traditions that come from many centuries ago.
9. Day of the Death.
10. Parties are great!
11. There are creative minds all around the country.
12. It's unique.
13. Even though people always complain, we are not that bad.
14. Salsaaaa!! (the food)
15. Mezcaaaaaaal!!
16. There are still families with values, hope and will to make this country a better place.

Happy celebration of Mexican Independence!!!

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  1. Viva México!

    Our country if full of joy and charm, the food is delicious and we have so much to give!


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