Thursday, March 06, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I was having lunch with my mom and one of her friends, an American lady named Jackie who has been living in Mexico for five years. After chatting with her for a while I was surprised to hear me express a phrase I never thought I would actually say: I would love to retire in Patzcuaro!
Now, I must confess that even though I consider Patzcuaro to be a beautiful and interesting place to visit, I always thought that it was a little boring to live in. Yes, after almost 30 years of my life I openly admit that I’m a “city girl”. But, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of facts about Patzcuaro that make it a wonderful place to inhabit.

Patzcuaro is a small city (looks more like a town, actually) with an estimate population of 90,000 people. It is located by the famous lake that carries the same name, “Patzcuaro”. Its beauty and uniqueness made it one of the eight “Magic Towns” of the State of Michoacan.

This Spanish-colonial city is famous for its characteristic streets with red and white painted houses. It is also internationally known for the celebrations of the Day of the Dead which take place there and in the surroundings every year in November.

So, other than being a great place for tourists who like cultural destinies, it is a functional and cosmopolitan city which population is compounded by people with different nationalities and, as I discovered while talking to Jackie, it can be everything but boring.

She was telling me all about her busy days in retirement, how she meets with her book discussion club, her language classes, her yoga classes, and even her weekly meetings with a hiking club. She also told me about parties frequently organized for English speaking people who want to meet with Spanish speakers in order to practice languages. Overall, all her activities sounded awesome!

To sum up, the authentic style of this Mexican city, its traditions and its increasing number of retired people, makes Patzcuaro more and more interesting every year.

Photos by: Lilirog

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