Wednesday, January 06, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Hello beautiful people! 2016 just started and everywhere around the social networks we pretty much see and read everyone's hopes and goals for this New Year. Moreover, let's face it, we also start seeing how many of them already started failing their acts of self-improvement.

Like many traditions, this one has religious origins from different cultures and time periods. In Babylonia, people used to promise their gods that they would pay all their debts. In ancient Rome, the promises of self-improvement were made to the god Janus (after whom the month January is named). In Medieval times, it was after Christmas when the knights had to renew their chivalry vows. 

In the case of Christianism, the period for good behavior and promises to god, has more to do with Lent, but it still talks about an annual reflection in order to improve oneself.

What is the most popular one? You all know it, weight loss and having a healthier lifestyle. Other popular goals have to do with money, career, social skills, traveling, family (getting married), spiritual world, etc...

This practice is more popular in the Western world, though it is also seen in Eastern cultures. I think it would be very interesting to compare both sides to see differences and similarities in goals.

Personaly, I love the good vibe and feeling surrounding the start of a year which inspires everyone to make resolutions, but I believe that the only way to fulfil your promises is to make them realistic and simple. On that note, of course I didn't escape the resolution list making this year, I just hope I get to fulfill at least one of them.

What is your most important resolution this year? Did you make any creative ones?

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